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New MyRPB Feature: Print and Download LTD Data

As of June 2022, the MyRPB for Employers portal now allows you to print and export data on your employees' LTD contributions and payments. These reports can be found on the Make LTD Payments and View LTD Plan Summary screens.

Make LTD Payments
LTD Payments

The Make LTD Payments screen gives you the option to "Download All Records" and to create a "Printable View." Click "Download All Records" to export a CSV file with details of all of your payments for the selected year. Click "Printable View" for a printer-friendly PDF file of all of the payment details on the screen.

View LTD Plan Summary
LTD Summary

The View LTD Plan Summary screen allows you to generate a printer-friendly PDF displaying the coverage details (including the waiting periods, premiums, and payment information) for the selected year.

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