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What to know about RPB's Employer Participation Agreement

As a partner of RPB, you will receive (or have received) the Employer Participation Agreement, which is required for our records even though you've likely been part of the RPB family for years. It outlines how employers and RPB work together and is the way that your organization will officially agree to participate in the Reform Pension Plan going forward.

By signing this agreement you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of RPB's ACH payment provider, Dwolla, Inc., which is required for you to send electronic payments to RPB.

The Employer Participation Agreement refers to the following documents that we are sharing with our participating employers for your records:

  • Reform Pension Plan Plan Narrative - this explains in plain English the rules, polices, and provisions of the RPB Plan that are specified in our two legal documents, the Basic Plan Document & Adoption Agreement. These legal documents are available upon request.
  • Dwolla Inc.'s, ACH Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
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